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Pupil Referral Unit

This website is designed to give infomation about both PRUs and Education other than school.

What is a PRU:

Simply, it is a place that helps support the pupils journey through education. While providing space for problems and challenges the pupil may have to be addressed. There are over 16000 pupils who attend a PRU. Mostly in secondary schools.

pupil referral unit

What happens at a pupil referral unit?

While pupils at school are usually in a large class where this less enfhasis on each pupil's exact needs. The PRU pupils will have an education plan and timetable designed specifically to meet their own needs. Rather the needs of a class.

This would typcially be but not exclusively be a focus on core skills of literacy and numeracy. and older pupils might divide their time between the curriculum subjects, vocational studies or work experience. Pupil Referral Unit